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The housing market is dynamic. It experiences growth, evolution, and change. This means that the best loan option when you purchased your home may not necessarily be the best mortgage you could get now. With InterContinental Capital Group, Inc. you have the freedom to benefit from positive changes in the industry by refinancing your mortgage. We will take the time to walk through your unique situation in order to deliver the best experience.

Some of the reasons you may want to consider a mortgage refinance are: locking in lower monthly payments or taking advantage of an improved financial situation like better credit scores. Many of our happy clients have used this as a way to budget for home improvements and assist in consolidating debt. Some have even used refinancing as a way to get relief from the cost of private mortgage insurance. Refinancing your mortgage is a helpful way to help you and your family become more secure.

Our mortgage experts are here to evaluate your circumstances and help determine if refinancing would be beneficial for you. We work hard to evaluate each situation, give you the knowledgeable advice you deserve, and help you weigh your options. Many homeowners stand to gain a great deal from refinancing their current mortgage. Let us help you today.


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