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Home Purchase


Purchasing a home can be one of the most rewarding times in a person’s life, especially for a first-time homebuyer. Your new home is where you’ll likely be building memories and experiences for decades. Whether this is your first time buying a home or not, we understand the important steps to keep your mortgage on track.

Our expert staff at InterContinental Capital Group, Inc. is dedicated to providing homeowners with great rates, fair terms, and incredible service. Let us help guide you through the process. We will help you understand the technical aspects behind getting approved as well as the financial planning. We will take the time to learn about you as an individual. Our loan officers are highly trained not only to get you a great mortgage, but also help you down the path of financial freedom.

When you work with InterContinental Capital Group, Inc. you’ll learn that it’s not just about credit score, employment history, and debt-income ratios. It’s about trustworthy service. We’ll work hard to get you the mortgage you deserve. Contact us today to see how you may qualify to make one of the greatest investments of your life.

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